Presence: Volume II, 2nd Edition

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The Intimacy of All Experience 

Rupert Spira

"All that is known is experiencing and experiencing is not divided into one part (an inside self) that experiences and another part (an outside object, other or world) that is experienced. Experiencing is seamless and intimate, made of ‘knowing’ or Awareness alone. This intimacy, in which there is no room for selves, objects or others, is love itself. It lies at its heart of all experience, completely available under all circumstances." 
Rupert Spira 

"Presence is one of the most exciting and illuminating books on non-duality I have encountered and its precision, articulateness in naming the nameless, unparalleled depth and ability to inspire were constantly appreciated. This book succeeds in taking the reader beyond concepts and into the experiential level. The irony is that this work, which is so advanced and sophisticated in its use of language, thought and conceptualization, is inexorably directed towards pure experiencing. It is a brilliant and lucid work carrying great strength and authority suggesting it is an indisputable source of Truth." 
Victoria Ritchie, Former Manager of Watkins Bookshop and Editor for Eckhart Tolle 

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ISBN: 978-1-62625-877-8

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