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Founded in 2004, Non-Duality Press has established itself as the leading publisher of contemporary literature on the subject of non-duality.
     Its founder, Julian Noyce, was first drawn to the approach through the works of Jean Klein and Ramana Maharshi. As he searched for more material he realised there was an unmet need for authentic and accessible contemporary writing on the subject. Learn more

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Vicki Woodyard

Vicki Woodyard can’t help it – she just has to write!  Once upon a time she wrote for TV personalities, she writes on Facebook, she writes on her own website – where she says:“We look to awakened teachers to help us complete the journey. But they can’t walk all the way with us, for this is a journey from “the alone to the Alone.” The base camp of the intellect must be abandoned at some point. You know you are getting close when your exhaustion is at its peak. When your canteen has run dry and your breath is hard to catch. Maybe you lie down on the floor of your body and sob. Who knows? I am making this journey just like you. “Thou goest before me to make the crooked places straight.” Ah, yes, there is a true guide within. Thank heaven for that.” Vicki shares part of that journey in Bigger than the Sky. And it’s not just her journey – it’s the journey of all of us who try to come to terms with our human condition.

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